New Releases?

Any idea if or when a release of LL will come out that will support Moz 1.4+? I am currently using 1.4 on Gentoo Linux and I can't seem to log in at all and therefore I am a bit skeptical about using LL.

Getting rid of the Liz...

This is for Windows NT, 2000 and XP only. It may work with other versions of Windows. Users of other OS's should be able to figure out the general process.

The easiest way to totally remove LL is as follows (first, make sure you have a Mozilla installer handy somewhere, because you're going to need it.) You can download the latest version at

Go to my programs\\Mozilla\defaults\profile\bookmarks.html.

Drag "bookmarks.html" out of the folder onto the desktop.

Close Mozilla and Quick Start (if running).

Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs.

Uninstall Mozilla completely.

Go to your installer and reinstall Mozilla.

Again, go to my programs\\Mozilla\defaults\profile

Drag "bookmarks.html" off the desktop into the "profile" folder.

When Windows asks if you want to replace the existing folder, click "yes."

Close everything, and restart Mozilla. You will have a fresh copy of whatever version you installed, with your bookmarks intact.

WARNING: don't try to install the new Mozilla until you have completely un installed the existing program, otherwise you will end up with LiveLizard again.

A little bit of a problem

I am using Mozilla 1.3 on a Mandrake 9.1 box, and when I trying to install LL, I get a permission denied message, which is odd, because I was installing under root...anyone have any ideas...I was trying to install 1.7, should I try a previous build?
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LiveLizard does not work with latest Moz release 1.3

First of all, thanks for your work on a really slick client :-)

Like the subject says, LiveLizard doesn't work with the latest Moz release (1.3). I have made sure that the POST URL was correct, and I have tested on Windows XP and 2000 (Linux box is down). The window opens, but nobody's home :-(

I have created bug 3454; the gory details (JavaScript console errors, etc.) are posted there.

Thanks again!


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sorry for this retarded question...

but what should i do if when i try to install it tells me...

access denied. Im using mozilla and it gets to 100% on the lil installation bar when I click the link then bam access denied, no matter what version I try. Im new to linux so I apologize if this is retarded.

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(no subject)

Hey all. I'm loving the LiveLizard so far... except for one nitpicky thing.

I like to format my paragraphs like this:

<p>This is one paragraph.</p>
<p>This is the next one.</p>

And so on. But LiveLizard doesn't seem to want to do that. Instead, it inserts a <br> every time I hit enter to make a paragraph break.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug supposed to be that way?

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LiveLizard ( 1.7 Patch (20030107)

LiveLizard 1.7 Patch (20030107)

Info: I disabled switching between HTML and Source view to make LiveLizard 1.7
working with Mozilla 1.2.1. Just put this patched editor.js into your
[$MOZILLA_DIR]\chrom\livelizard\content\livelizard\ directory.
Errors and exceptions in JavaScript console still remain. Use this patch on your
own risk!

Thanks to for the hint.


[Get the patch]
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