cynthb (cynthb) wrote in livelizard,

LiveLizard does not work with latest Moz release 1.3

First of all, thanks for your work on a really slick client :-)

Like the subject says, LiveLizard doesn't work with the latest Moz release (1.3). I have made sure that the POST URL was correct, and I have tested on Windows XP and 2000 (Linux box is down). The window opens, but nobody's home :-(

I have created bug 3454; the gory details (JavaScript console errors, etc.) are posted there.

Thanks again!

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Here's a relevant bit of information about why LiveLizard suddenly dies.

Basically, the core component that was documented as being the interface for the HTML editor in Mozilla has been killed, removed, and replaced wholesale in Mozilla 1.3, unfortunately LiveLizard hasn't been updated to support this new interface, likely because it would involve a sizable rewrite of the Editor interface. I'm currently looking into it right now, unfortunately the new 'editor' interface has ZERO documentation available. =-.-=
*little lightbulb comes on*

That makes sense; thanks for the input. I've seen other parts of Mozilla go through abrupt changes...
I was just about to ask what to do different to get it to work. Downgrade to Moz1.2? Um, no. Ah well.
Well, guess that explains why it doesn't work with 1.4.